different ways to reach your vacation destination

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different ways to reach your vacation destination

How do you get to your vacation destination? Do you drive your own car? Do you take a rental car? Do you take a bus, train or plane? There are so many great options for getting from one place to another, so, how do you know which means of transportation to take for your vacation? I created this blog with the hopes of giving myself a better idea of what my family could do to make our vacations even more fun and affordable. Hopefully, all of my research will help you and your family get away and enjoy yourselves even more.

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A Few Considerations When Renting A Bike From A Bike Shop

A day spent renting a bicycle and touring a beautiful location is a memorable occasion for adults and children alike. Here are a few considerations when contemplating renting a bicycle:   Standard Rental Bicycles - Here are some of the standard rental bikes that are available in local bike rental shops along with other attachments that may be rented in addition to the bikes: Single Speed Cruiser - This is the standard " Read More 

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Four Tips For Teaming With A Car Service To Impress Your Startup’s Clients

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Booking a Limo? Here’s What You Need to Know about Tipping

Booking a limo for any type of occasion allows you to get to and from your destination in style. While the nature of the vehicle itself might be what initially turns your head, a good experience can become a great one due to the professionalism of a driver. Although part of conveying your gratitude for the driver's care and attentiveness should be to share a hearty "thank you" at the end of the ride, another key way to show your thanks is by tipping. Read More 

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When going on a business trip for the first time, it's easy to become overwhelmed with everything there is to do. Here are some tips that will keep your stress manageable as you head out of town for your first business trip. Take a Shuttle You may be thinking about driving your car to the airport or having someone else drive you there. However, when you have a friend or relative take you, you must depend on their ability to arrive at your home in a timely manner to collect you and drive to the airport. Read More