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different ways to reach your vacation destination

How do you get to your vacation destination? Do you drive your own car? Do you take a rental car? Do you take a bus, train or plane? There are so many great options for getting from one place to another, so, how do you know which means of transportation to take for your vacation? I created this blog with the hopes of giving myself a better idea of what my family could do to make our vacations even more fun and affordable. Hopefully, all of my research will help you and your family get away and enjoy yourselves even more.

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How To Make Your Next Move Easier On Your Cat

In general, cats are creatures of habit; they enjoy routines and they don't like surprises. So if you're planning for an upcoming move, you'll need to take some extra precautions to ensure that your kitty's transition from one place to the next goes as smoothly and as stress-free as possible. After all, don't you owe it to your furry companion for giving you all those loving head bonks and purrs? Not to mention, keeping your cat stress-free will also reduce your chances of having to deal with feline aggression, spraying, and other behavioral issues after the move.

Preparing for the Move

Preparation is key when it comes to helping your cat through a move. For starters, if your cat is going to be placed in its carrier for an extended time during the move, try getting it used to its carrier by putting treats in it sporadically and keeping some of its toys in there as well. This will help your cat associate its carrier with positive feelings, thus reducing stress on the car ride over to the new place. You might also want to speak to your cat's vet about the possibility of getting some anti-anxiety medication for the move.

On the Day of the Move

When it comes time for the big day, place your cat in a separate room with all of its necessities (food, litter box, toys, etc.) while the moving truck is loaded up. Place a sign on the door and alert your movers not to open it so your cat doesn't escape. To help reduce the chances of stomach upset, you may also want to refrain from feeding your cat a large meal on the day of the move. Keep your cat in its carrier at all times during the ride over to the new place, even if you become tempted to open the carrier to calm or pet your kitty.

Getting All Settled In

Once you're at the new place, immediately set up a safe space for your cat where you can place its necessities. Ideally, this will be a quite space with a door that completely closes. This way, you can get your moving in and unpacking done while your cat adjusts to its new surroundings. Once the majority of your stuff is unloaded, gradually introduce your cat to the new home room by room, but don't rush anything. In time, your cat will become more comfortable with the space.

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